Tuesday, May 8, 2012

25 mm Relic Iberian Chieftain

 This happy looking fellow is an Iberian chieftain in 25mm, from Relic. He carries a typical Spanish sword and the caetrati, a small buckler with a bronze boss, suited for close combat but offering little protection from ranged weapons. The Iberian tribes were renowned for their abilities to fight fast moving guerrilla-style engagements, which frequently gave the Romans so much grief, and a very small lightweight shield would be a good choice for such tactics. The disc armor over his chest is typical of a well-to-do Spanish warrior of his day, but boasts lavish silver ornamentation showing his status as a chieftain.

Another crisply sculpted creation from Relic, and a joy to paint!


  1. I must admit, this is a very nice sculpt, and very fine paintjob too

    1. Thanks Sebastofig, it was a great figure to paint - James