Monday, April 21, 2014

6 Gun Schooner with Pivot Gun - Langton 1:1200

This is a very small model of a vessel type that was frequently employed on the Great Lakes during the war of 1812 - the schooner. This one carries six little carronades and a larger gun in the middle on a pivot. She's not the most formidable thing afloat, but she'll sweep up some gunboats quick enough.

This is a Langton Miniatures model in 1:1200 with photo etched brass sails and ratlines. I've replaced the masts and bowsprit with brass rod to add strength and be more in scale, and I've rigged it with nylon bristles from a paint brush.

 A size comparison shot: behind the Langton schooner is GHQ's 8 gun schooner, and behind that is el Gamo, a 32 gun frigate.