Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1:1200 "Galley Gunboat" & "Large Gunboat" - Langton Miniatures

Joining the flotilla of gunboats are two more vessels from Langton Miniatures - a galley gunboat, with two guns, and a 'large' gunboat, with three guns on pivots. Both of these craft can be portrayed with sails or oars, but I prefered the former. These are pretty simple kits, but still with nice detail, and brass sails. As with most Langton kits, they sit pretty high in the water, so I have sanded them down a bit.

One of the fun aspects of gunboat models is all of the interesting rigs they display - they get fairly exotic. It's a fun break from the standard three-masted square-sailed ships of the line.

The bases are trimmed-down sections of Langton resin sea bases, with black acrylic underneath, and the rigging is made of nylon bristles from a paintbrush. I replaced the white metal masts with brass rods, for strength.

 For size comparison, here are the two gunboats in front of GHQ's HMS Cleopatra:
 Here is the flotilla in its entirety - so far: