Thursday, September 20, 2012

6mm French Line Infantry from the Seven Years War - Baccus Miniatures

For the first time I've tried my hand at some 6mm figures from Baccus Miniatures, French infantry from the Seven Years War. I was very impressed with the level of detail of these figures and, being one who likes to lavish all the attention I can bear on the things I paint, there was plenty here to keep me busy. The kit includes printed paper flags of various units, and I have modeled the Boulonnais Regiment here.

For such small sculpts, the bayonets are actually quite sturdy, and there seems little danger of them bending or breaking off unless they are really strongly abused. I've actually shaved them down a bit, as I felt they were at first too clunky and broad. Even so they remain strong.

The 24 figures of the unit sit on a 30mm X 60mm plywood base from Lithko, which I've just given a very basic terrain treatment, and I really like the effect  from a moderate distance. See the last photo for a size comparison.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

USS Constellation - GHQ 1:1200

Below are some photos of USS Constellation in 1:1200 scale, from GHQ. This is the famous 38 gun American frigate of the Napoleonic War/ War of 1812 period, and should not be confused with the ship which lives down in Baltimore now - that one is a later construction, from the 1850s if memory serves, and supposedly contains some of the timbers from the ship depicted below. Or at least it did at the time of its construction.

I really like the incredibly crisp hull sculptings from GHQ, and especially the fact that the waist of the ship is properly recessed. This model even has details of steps leading down in to the waist, and hatches with gratings down there, as you can see best in the last photo.

I've added Langton ratlines and sea base, and raised the hull up on plastic sheet to give it more bulk, so it will fit in a little bit better with Langton models, which tend to be over-sized in comparison. Other than that a pretty straight forward job.

I omitted installing ship's boats in the waist, just because I like to be able to see the detail down there. I like the depth it gives the model, and it suggests an interior.