Saturday, April 28, 2012

Country Life for the City Dweller

 My girlfriend is a great sheep enthusiast, but apartments in Brooklyn New York often don't have enough room to house humans and a flock comfortably. Nevertheless, I wanted her to have some livestock of her own, so for her birthday I made some pasturage and some sheep to graze in it. They were a hit.

Now, it turns out that there are a number of options for people looking for sheep in 25mm scale, and they vary in quality. The only ones I could get in time were from Old Glory, and I confess they look a little goofy. Their faces remind me of sock monkeys. I've promised to upgrade at a later date, probably to Foundry ones, though she is already a little attached to these guys.

The base is MDF, the groundwork is Sculpt-a-mold, and the water is simply hand painted and coated in gloss finish to give it a watery shine. Various sources for the plant life.

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