Thursday, May 10, 2012

Langton 1/1200 Brig of the Napoleonic era

The latest ship model I've completed is a 1/1200 scale two masted brig of the Napoleonic era, from Langton. Another fun project, and I enjoy packing as much detail as I can into these tiny models. Langton's kit has a ship's boat molded in to the deck of the brig, as some of their other models in this line do, but they tend to be rather out of scale. So I added a boat from GHQ over it (these boats were sometimes stacked one on top of the other in reality) and another hanging off the stern, under little davits that I made from pieces of the carrier the brass sails came on. I also added GHQ anchors.

 Here for comparison are a couple shots of the brig next to a sloop, another Langton piece.

 The sea bases are both from Langton, and you can see here that the brig is mounted on a smaller base, though it is not itself much smaller than the sloop. Incidentally these are not the sizes of bases recommended by the company. I prefer, and strongly recommend, to mount them on bases that are large enough to extend further than the bowsprit, for the safety of the models.