Tuesday, May 6, 2014

20 Gun Ketch - Langton 1:1200

Once upon a time the square sailed ketch was a fairly common vessel, and frequently served in military capacities in European navies. The distinguishing feature of a ketch is that it has two masts, and the foremost is the largest. Gradually this type of rig became less popular as brigs (with their larger main mast behind the foremast) became more common. Even then ketches were frequently seen as "bomb" vessels, carrying mortars forward of the main mast. This model however carries no mortars, but rather 20 cannon.

This is a 1:1200 model from Langton miniatures, with brass sails and shrouds. I replaced the bowsprit with one of my own construction made of brass rods, and rigged it with nylon paintbrush bristles. 

 For size comparison, here the ketch can be seen between a six gunner schooner in front and a 32 gun xebec frigate in the back, both also from Langton Miniatures.