Wednesday, May 9, 2012

25 mm Gallic Veterans Command from Relic

I've just finished Relic's Gallic Veteran Command, my first foray in to the world of Gauls who, it turns out, are a lot of fun to work on.  Lots of colors and interesting patterns, especially plaids. These figures have a lot of character sculpted in to them. Jacques for one, over there on the right, seems to have taken up a rather grisly hobby. You have to wonder what his friends and family think of that. 

The shield transfer is a decal from Battle Flgas ( and can be purchased on Relic's website along with the figures. I had not used these before, having experience only with LBM transfers. It didn't take me too long to get used to these though, and I am very pleased with them. They have the excellent benefit of remaining moveable for a little bit after they have been applied, so they can repositioned if you have something misaligned. I like to cut them in half and apply the two parts as separate pieces, then paint up the gap of the the shield spine.

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