Thursday, December 15, 2011

25 mm Roman Commanders

Here are two Roman figures in closeup, infantry commanders manufactured by Old Glory. I have substituted shields with Gripping Beast and added a plume to the mail-clad figure's head. Shield designs are LBM.

25 mm Roman Standard Bearers

More figures from the same project, Roman standard bearers. The manufacturer is Old Glory, though I have substituted other shields and hand painted the designs on them. I have also mounted the eagle and other animal totems on separate steel pins.

25mm Roman Principes

Here are some additional figures from the same project, this time two different sets of Roman principes, who represented wealthier, better equipped citizens. Manufacturers are Gripping Beast and Crusader. There is a very slight difference in size between them, which I have tried to compensate for by using GB shields with the same LBM transfers for the decorations on all of them. The Crusader figures are holding pila from 1st Corps, because I didn't have enough from GB and the Crusader ones were too stumpy.

25mm Roman Hastati

Here are some figures I've painted as part of a long term project that will not be done any time soon. After reading Livy's and Polybius' histories of the second Punic war I was taken with a desire to create a scene from one of the battles in Italy, and I have turned to 25mm miniatures as the medium. They are crudely based for the moment while I decide how to handle that issue.

These four figures are Roman Hastati made by Gripping Beast. They were excellent castings and a lot of fun to paint. Shields are Crusader, transfers are LBM.