Wednesday, February 27, 2013

10mm WW2 Germans - Pendraken Miniatures

With my longstanding interest in very small scale models, the Pendraken 2013 painting competition announcement caught me in a pretty vulnerable condition. In addition to the late Roman infantry of the post below, I decided I would also paint up a few stands of Second World War pieces. I chose Germans because they are the most fun to paint.

These are the results of my efforts so far - a Hetzer tank hunter and two bases of late war infantry. I've tried to give the scenic elements a suitably drab look, having in mind the autumn of 1944. Each infantry base consists of three riflemen (one with a panzerfaust) and a noncom with an stg 44. I've tried to give a suggestion of camouflage on some of the uniforms, without going too too far out of scale.

I hope in time to expand on this small force, though there are a couple other projects ahead of it in the queue. It's an enticing subject of course, and I like the Pendraken offerings a lot. The detail is decent, considering the 10mm scale, and they are pretty inexpensive. That's a big plus when considering whether or not to embark on a whole new project.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Late Romans - Pendraken 10mm

Recently I made my first foray in to 10mm figures. I made two bases of Late Roman infantry, Pendraken figures. Shields and banners are hand-painted.

These are diminutive little fellows, and the detail and proportions of course are not going to be as nice as with 28mm figures, but I really like the effect the unit makes as a whole - and of course they paint up rather faster.

My goal is to make a Late Roman army and a Gothic force to go up against it.

Here is a shot for size comparison. On the left is a group of 6mm figures (Baccus Seven Years War French) and on the right is a 28mm figure (Relic Miniatures)