Friday, January 18, 2013

28mm Thorakites - Relic Miniatures

It's a slow process for me these days, with a lot of other things keeping me from painting, but my unit of Seleucid thorakites from Relic Miniatures is growing in proportions.

These are the four figures I've just added to the unit. I've given them North Star spears and made the javelins from some hollow brass tubing, the end of which I pinch in some pliers and then shape with clippers and a nail file. For a couple of them I've also added an arrow or two caught in the shield. I trimmed some short lengths of thin brass rod, attached shaped slivers of wood for the feathers, and inserted it into little sockets in the shield made with a pin vise. I have no illusions about them being sturdy attachments, but I figured it would be alright if they just lasted long enough for me to take some photos.

The shields again are hand painted, though it seems Relic is working to make some transfers with Battle Flag for these types of shields.