Tuesday, January 17, 2017

La Vengeance - GHQ 1:1200

Here is a model that I finished some time ago, but am only now getting around to posting: GHQ's 1:1200 La Vengeance, a 40 gun frigate.

Vengeance was a heavy frigate launched in 1794. She is best remembered for her duels with HMS Mermaid (1796 - inconclusive), HMS Seine (August 1800 - at which point she was captured by the British), but especially - for American audiences - for her bloody, indecisive duel with USS Constellation in February of 1800, during the so called Quasi War between France and the young United States.

I've rebuilt the bowsprit out of brass rod, mounted on a Langton base with a wood and a magnetic layer under it, used Langton brass ratlines, and rigged with nylon bristles.