Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santissima Trinidad: Tumbling Dice 1:2400

Here's a small post about a small subject - Tumbling Dice's 1:2400 model of the Santissima Trinidad, a massive warship rendered in exceedingly tiny form.

1:2400 scale doesn't produce models with the same visual appeal as, say, 1:1200, but what it's great for is gaming the larger fleet actions without purchasing extra dining room tables - a great benefit when you live in the city and don't have anything like a dining room. I've done a relatively quick and simple treatment on the hull, in the interest of time. If I'm going to build up fleets of these things I don't want to take forever on each individual model. I'll indulge my passion for detail on the larger models.

Rigging this model was actually not too tricky. Yes, the spaces involved were very small, but the miniature is made of strong metal and the shrouds/ratlines are cast on, so the masts are very resistant to bending. That helped a lot. I didn't bother to add the majority of the standing rigging, concentrating instead on running rigging just to give a basic impression.


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    1. Thanks Phil - this is definitely the smallest model of the biggest real life counterpart I've worked on to date. - James

  2. Is very well done!
    You first glued sails and then prime/paint, or primed and painted sails separately and then glue togheter!

    1. Thanks Dan, I'm glad you like the model. I glued the sails on first, and then painted the entire thing, then added rigging. Hope that helps!
      - James