Tuesday, May 21, 2013

28mm Imperial Romans - Warlord Games

So I'm moving to a new apartment this month, and it turns out that, besides the demands of a day job, few things can eat in to one's painting time more effectively than having to pack up all one's possessions and relocate them. I've not got much else done this month, but I wanted to get at least some pictures up, so here are some 28mm Imperial Romans from Warlord Games, which I painted for a private collector.

The shields are done with the transfers supplied with the set, which proved a little trickier than anticipated. The fit was good and they were easy to remove from their backings after soaking in water, but they did not want to adhere well to the shields themselves, the edges curling up as they dried. I tackled this problem by brushing on clear matt varnish, which both seeped under the transfer and held it in place, and took care of the glossy sheen.

Just 8 of them for now, but there will be more in the near future.