Friday, June 8, 2012

40 Gun Frigate - Langton 1/1200

Here are some photos of another 1/1200 scale Langton ship I've just completed, this time a 40 gun frigate. I really like this one, I think it's a very attractive ship in itself, and I really enjoy the Langton models. Unfortunately I ran out of GHQ anchors to add, and Langton does not supply such pieces. Also, I'm not crazy about the ship's boats that are molded in, they seem a bit out of scale to me and I would prefer to be able to add GHQ's more crisply molded pieces. But overall these little guys are a lot of fun.

White metal ship and masts, brass sails, brass shrouds and ratlines, 'invisible' mono-filament thread for rigging (I use the 'smoke' colored so that it is easier to see while working with it, and then paint the appropriate color with slightly watered down acrylic paint) and a resin base from Langton, 80mm long.

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