Friday, March 2, 2012

25 mm Thracian King and Standard Bearer, by Relic Miniatures

After a long hiatus, having had all my time taken up on a nightmare of a film project, it has been a great joy to be able to get back to painting. These figures are from Relic Miniatures, their Thracian King Command set. The figures themselves are excellently sculpted with lots of very crisp detail, and, social elite that they are, beg for lavish ornamentation. I tried a number of different decorative touches and patterns before I found designs that I liked, but I think it was worth the time spent experimenting.

The banner and shield are my own freehand, I didn't have any transfers to work with. I've given the standard a two-headed eagle design, a genuine Thracian emblem, but tweaked it to my own tastes. The example I was working off of had in its middle a swastika inside of a sun, but since these figures were painted for the company I thought I might aim for something safer.

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