Sunday, November 27, 2011

Langton Miniatures 1/300 Schooner

This is another 1/300 Langton ship model, this time an American schooner with a pivot gun, from the war of 1812. I modified it very slightly by removing the davits and ship's boat from the stern. Not to be wasteful, I added some rowers to the boat and positioned it on the base a bit ahead of the ship. I like what it does for the overall sense of scale.


  1. Asolutely superb!

    I wonder if you could help me please.

    I am considering options for my War of 1812 project, specifically the naval aspects of it. There are a few options available to me however I’m going to start at the top with Langton models.

    I am looking at the 1/300 scale, same models you have used. However, I am not really sure how complete the range is....put another way, I’m not exactly sure which ships to use from the 1/300 range to cover off on the required vessels for the Great Lakes vessels.

    Are you able to tell me which models ships I would use from the 1/300 range as the equivalent vessels as indicated in the 1/1200 range?

    I hope you can help me decide if your 1/300 scale range covers the necessary vessels for the period....perhaps a mix of Old Glory and Langton?

    Any suggestions you can make would be appreciated.


    Happy Wanderer

  2. Hi Wanderer, glad you like the model.

    I'm not incredibly familiar with the Great Lakes engagements of the period, but my understanding is that the vessels were generally of the smaller types (no line of battle ships) so I think you could probably use a number of Langton's 1:300 range.

    Certainly the two different schooners they offer - with and without the central pivot gun) are very appropriate, as well as their two different brigs (one is a model of a specific French vessel, but the overall type was so common you can definitely get away with it) and the sloop of war Wasp. I don't know about cutters, but would not be surprised if they were present on the scene, being fast maneuverable low-draft little vessels. I'd stay away from the Dutch gunboat and the Xebec, and the French Lugger as well. I personally don't know if there was anything as large as the 40 gun Juno present on the lakes.

    They also offer some smaller vessels like gunboats and launches, which I think would be appropriate, though the more typically American gunboats don't seem to be represented in their range.

    Hope that's helpful!


  3. Thanks James,

    All comments much appreciated. I’ve posted a further question under your USS Wasp post – beautiful ship and excellent almost too good to play with!

    I’m still not sure about the whole 1/1200 vs 1/300 scale dilemma for the War of 1812.



  4. James, if I owned this model, I'd take it to Venice, and have their most famous glass blower shape a bottle around it. What a pure gem.
    Thank you!

  5. Thanks Foss1066, I'm flattered! These area great series of models, a real joy to work on. I'm very slowly moving forward on Langton's 1:300 scale HMS Juno, a 32 gun frigate, so hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures of that up soon. - James