Tuesday, April 9, 2013

28mm Cataphracts Command - Relic Miniatures

In the course of their eastern conquests the Macedonians encountered very heavy cavalry of a type used for generations in Persia, and which the Greeks called "kataphractoi", meaning "completely enclosed". Not only were the riders themselves covered from head to toe in heavy bronze armor, but their horses as well were similarly protected. Recognizing a powerful tool, the Seleucids especially incorporated these units into their forces.

Cataphract cavalry were slow moving but extremely powerful, well suited not only to breaking the strongpoints of the enemy's line of battle with a momentous charge, but also to remaining in close combat, protected by their extensive armor, where other cavalry would have been put at a great disadvantage by masses of infantry.

These figures are 28mm models from Relic Miniatures, and are fantastically detailed with ornate helmets and many, many-pieced suits of armor. The standard bearer wears a metal face mask. The standard itself is part decal (the wreath element I cut from a LBM transfer) and part freehand (the eight-rayed sun and the border lines).


  1. Those are very nice models. And top paintjob as well!

    Cheers, SG

  2. Beautiful work on some of the nicest sculpts. Best, Dean

  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated. They really are great sculpts.

    And Sire Godefroy, you've made a follower of the mountains of lead out of me. - James

  4. Awesome! That commander's helmets and sword are probably features that stand out the most.

    Catarpharacts and Agema cavalry are my favourite sculpts from Relic, hoping to buy some once I get enough phalangites painted up.