Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More of Hannibal's Veterans - Relic 28mm

As a further step toward liberating Italy from the overreaching Romans, and restoring a rightful order to the Mediterranean world, I have added 4 more Carthaginian veterans from Relic Miniatures (28mm) to the unit. As many of you are already aware, after his initial victories in Italy Hannibal equipped many of his men with captured Roman equipment, so these gentlemen wear Roman chain mail, two Roman helmets, and all of them sport large Roman shields, or "scuta".

I've hand-painted the shields with a variety of Carthaginian symbols - except for the second from the left. His has retained a Roman design to make the origin of the equipment all the more obvious - and hopefully giving just a little bit of a taunt to their opponents.


  1. Hi James!
    Very good job. Excellent!
    Великолепно! Очень понравилась идея с росписью щитов. Получилось красиво!

    1. Thanks Andrey, glad you like them!
      - James

  2. Beautifully painted - you've certainly mastered the shield patterns. Dean

  3. Thanks Dean - hand-painting the shields definitely slows me down, but I like the effect it makes in the unit. Of course, when they're overwhelmed on the table by superior numbers, they'll have harsh words for my slowness....
    - James