Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baltimore Clipper - GHQ 1:1200

 I've just finished working on another 1:1200 scale ship project, this time GHQ's "Baltimore Privateer". Sometimes referred to as Baltimore clippers, these very speedy little ships were built along the eastern seaboard of the United States, especially in Baltimore, and were popular with smugglers and privateers.

 Now, GHQ ships are a bit different from Langton's in a number of ways. They tend to be a little bit smaller than their Langton equivalents, and they usually sit lower in the water. On that point I think GHQ probably has the advantage in historical accuracy. GHQ's hulls also tend to be a little crisper in detail.

However, the most significant difference is in the masts and sails. Unlike Langton, GHQ offers no brass sails (or ratlines) and the sails are usually molded in one piece with the masts. The masts themselves are flimsier than Langton's which has definite effects on how one has to go about the rigging process.

I've mounted this model on a trimmed down piece of resin sea base (from Langton) and added davits to the rear from which to suspend the ship's boat.


  1. I've always liked the cut of this model, it just exudes speed and threat and you've done wonders rigging it. How large is it compared to say the Langton sloop or brig?

  2. Thanks, very nice to hear. I agree, it's an especially slick looking model, Baltimore clippers in general I think are always very attractive and impressive rigs.

    Compared to Langton's brig and sloop it's definitely a lower-lying, more fine lined model - but that's the case with any ships you might care to compare between the lines. I want to do some more work on this piece, painting some of the spars black and replacing the simplistic ratlines I've done on it with some photo etched langton pieces, so when I put up new pictures I'll try to remember to add comparison shots with the langton ships.

    If I were doing the whole model over, I think I would add a layer of plastic sheet to the bottom and trim to the right profile, to raise it a little bit. I think the GHQ ships are probably more accurate than Langtons in how low they sit, but it would help it blend in more with the other models.