Monday, April 23, 2012

1:1200 Langton Ship - English 5th Rate, Anglo-Dutch Wars

Here is another Langton 1:1200 naval miniature, this time an English 5th rate from the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 17th century. Actually, this is not a subject I had ever intended to take on - it was a mistaken click I made on an online order form while aiming for a 5th rate ship of the Napoleonic period, a little over a century later. A centimeter on a computer screen, and a hundred years in history. But I figured that since I had the piece I might as well do it up as best I could.

I have realized since completing the model that not only have I made a few errors in the rigging, which is not quite accurate for the period, I have positioned the triangular lateen sail on the mizzen mast in the wrong orientation. I have the short side at the bottom of the sail, when actually it should be the rear-most side. I guess I'm just not as familiar with the ships of this period!

Besides those mistakes, I'm pretty happy with the piece, and with Langton's crisp details. Now, back to the 19th century future.

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  1. I think she's beautiful. I am just getting excited about this period and ordered a couple of the langton ships to test my mettle. If your ship is for sale, I'd love to talk to you about purchasing her- both as a piece of art and as a primer for my upcoming ships

    Thomas Foss